Sunday, March 21, 2010

NOTD from Babbling Brooke's Giveaway Prize! (ChG For Audrey)

Hey guys!  I won Babbling Brooke's giveaway from a while back.  Well the mail is slow and it came during my finals week.  Therefore, I am posting this now.  I am now on spring break, and sitting in my Dad's living room.  I am wearing China Glaze For Audrey right now, and am about to change it.  But before I do, let me show you a couple pictures of my winnings!

Holy Moly!  Q-Tip travel pack, hand lotion, nail files for days, nail glue, fake nails, nail art stickers, and polish!  SCORE

All the Nail polishes.  2 Maybellines, a Sally Hansen, 3 Pro's, 2 ChG, and 1 Color Club!

SO PRETTY~ Ruby Pumps, For Audrey, and Magic Attraction

Super fun fake nails.  Omg I love the skull ones.

Thank you SO much Brooke!  =D  Totally made my day!

Tucker approves.

For Audrey!  

It completely unintentionally matched my dress! =)

I was excited to get ChG For Audrey because it is supposed to be Tiffany Blue (although I have heard it is a tad off), but wasn't sure if the color would be 'for me.'  But then I put it on and instantly fell in love with it.  It was a little thick, so I thinned it, but the formula was basically fine.  I did two coats and that was perfectly enough, and I absolutely love love love the color now.  It's my new favorite blue, actually.  I don't usually like lighter blues, but this was so creamy and shiny and dusty.  I love it.  It's not a bright crazy blue.  It is a little on the green side, but not enough to be teal.  I love the dusty-ness.  It's a perfect spring color.  I'm super happy I own it!  YAY!  

I'm gonna paint my nails, and then go off to the mall and then go to dinner with some old friends.  I'll have my new NOTD up sometime soon =)



  1. I love that dress, boo! I hated For Audrey on me but I dig it on you. Like I said in my blog post the other day, I got Orly Gumdrop and I think it's kind of dupe-y for For Audrey. Sad. At least the attached lipgloss is cute? Also, ZOMG that is such an awesome giveaway prize. Glad you're at your dad's house and that you're on spring break. Relax and have a good one.


  3. For Audrey looks awesome on you!!! Please, please, please show me the skull nails when you wear them - they are ADORABLE! Glad Tucker approves :) and I'm glad you're enjoying the polishes!! Enjoy spring break!!!

  4. For Audrey is my NOTD too! It is such a perfect spring color!

  5. This looks hot! What a great giveaway prize :D


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