Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kelsea's Top 10 Favorite Nail Polishes (ok top 30, geeze.)

Hello All!  Today I am doing a post of my top 10 nail polishes I've ever owned and tried.  Now, this is a complete lie, because I am showing you 30 nail polishes.  Yea.  I couldn't pick just 10.  But I do have 10 "groups", and I'll pick a favorite and an "if I could only keep one" from each group.  K GO!

Here they all are!

In no particular order:

OPI's At Your Quebec & Call.  
Didn't need a group for this one.  This is an amazing polish.  Army green shimmer.  Needs three coats. Original swatch here.

Slow Jam by Color Club.  
You can see my swatch here.  Trust me, it's so much more than a wine red.  It's got gold shimmer, and looks like it's on fire.  Love.

This is OPI's Merry Midnight, Nfu-Oh's 51, and OPI's Shim-merry Chic.  I have swatches in my blog but don't feel like making links haha.  I know this is a cop-out since all three are so different, but Oh Well.  My favorite has to be 51 because of it's diversity (aka layering), and is the only one I would keep if I could only have one (sorry Merry Midnight!  Still love you!)

 This is such a cop out!  Haha.  I suck. 
OPI's "Sheer" Your Toys!, $OPI's Metro Chic, American Apparel's Mouse, Orly's Prince Charming, and Essie's Chinchilly.  My favorite has to be Chinchilly because it's so weird, but if I could only keep one it would be Metro Chic because it's more wearable.  These are all cremes except SYT, which has shimmer.

BB Couture's Laguna Lagoon, Maybelline's Minty, and China Glaze's For Audrey.  I consider For Audrey a bluish mint, but oh well, I threw it in my faves anyway.  Haha.  If I could only keep one it would have to be Minty, which is also my favorite.

Hot Topic (no name), OPI's Dazzled by Gold, Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong, and Wet n Wild's Shield.
Haha, yea these aren't even the same color!  I was going for finish on this one.  I started with just Dazzled by Gold, but then I remembered Hot Topic's silver foil, which is AMAZING, and had to be in the top.  Then I just said what the hell and let the other two be here.
They are all amazing and I recommend them all, but Hot Topic takes the cake on both favorite and must keep.

Juicy Berry.
Zoya's Demi and OPI's Pamplona Purple.  
I'm about 90% sure these are dupes, or at least close enough that you don't need both.  However, top 29 sounded dumb, so here we are.  I'd keep OPI's just because I like the brush and formula better.

I. Fucking. Love. Holos.
Color Club's Revvvolution, Wild at Heart, Fashion Addict, and Love 'Em Leave 'Em.
Wild at Heart is my favorite and the one I'd keep.  Definitely.

Dusty Rose.
Sinful Colors' Vacation Time, American Apparel's Rose Bowl, NYX Girls' Flash, and OPI's Baguette Me Not.
I love these kinds of colors!! I think, besides the fact that they are gorgeous, it's because Flash was one of the first nail polishes I bought for myself with my own money.  Hurray me!
I think my favorite is still Flash, and I'd probably keep that one.  I like the color and it has sentimental value for me! =)

Light dusty purples.
Icing's Lily, OPI's Done Out In Deco, and Essie's Island Hopping.
Wow, I don't know what made me even think these could be a group.  I guess it's because I was desperate to show both Done Out In Deco AND Island Hopping and still be only at 10?  
Anyway, I love these colors.  I could wear them back and forth forever.  Making it very difficult to choose a favorite!  Island Hopping, both favorite and keep.  Sorry Lily and DOID!  By the way, you can see my dupe comparison for those here.

Of all of those favorites and keeps, I'd have to say that my favorite nail polish I own is Color Club's Wild At Heart, but the one I'd keep if I could only have one nail polish (oh the horror!) is Essie's Island Hopping.  It needs three coats which sucks, but it looks SO GOOD on me, it's between purple and pink, it's a creme, and it's appropriate almost all the time.  I love it.  Thanks, Essie!

I'm sure my "top 10" will change as I procure more nail polish, but as of now I own about 150 or so nail polishes, and these are my favorites.  Thanks for reading the whole thing, if you did!  


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