Sunday, April 4, 2010

NOTD~ Orly's Enchanted Forest and Contest

Hello to everyone!  You can enter my contest here!

Today I am wearing Orly's Enchanted Forest.  This polish has been sitting in my unworn pile for a really embarrassingly long time.  But now it is on my nails and I'm pretty happy with it!  I was nervous it would be too "almost black", which I am really into for shimmers and glitters, but not so much cremes, but this one isn't too dark to tell (in regular lighting) that it's actually green.  Observe:

Strangely it looks kinda banged up already, but I assure you it's just the macro setting on my camera.  

Natural sunlight


This was two easy coats.  Cleanup was a tad irritating because it's so dark and pigmented, but that's ok.  It's totally worth any extra work because it looks awesome.

Hope you guys enjoyed.  Any suggestions on what I should buy off 

Have a great weekend/Easter!  I'm going to my friend Alison's Mom's house for Easter dinner.  Hurray!


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