Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NOTD~ Zoya's Joy

Oh hi!

Yesterday I was a very unhappy camper, and my Orly's Enchanted Forest looked like a hot mess.  So I grabbed Zoya Joy, mumbled to myself about how I didn't want to wear pink because it was too girly and I felt all emo, and went to put it on.  Why I chose Joy when I could have just work something dark and angry?  I'm not sure.  I also put it on very sloppily and didn't do any clean up because I was so pissed haha.  I still have tantrums sometimes.

Regardless, I really like Zoya Joy, and next time I put it on I will be more careful to do a good job, because it really is a nice polish.  The formula was kind of iffy, but not terrible.  I used two coats:

My pointer finger on my left hand and my middle finger on my right hand are both nubbins right now.  I'm still getting breaks, but not as many as before I started using Essie's Millionails.

It's a pretty medium pink, maybe even a tad blue, but the gold shimmer makes it seem like an orange leaning pink.

Close up of the shimmer.  Gorgeous! 

Life I said before, if I had worked a little harder it could look a lot better.  It was a tad brush stroke-y, but it's minimal.  Anyone have Zoya Joy?  What do you think of it?

I hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday.  I'm off to write an essay! 



  1. I've never seen this one! That's a cute pink.

  2. Dude I need to talk to you. I should probably just text you...


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