Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer Fashion~ Reviving Old Pieces into New Outfits!

Hello!  I would like to share with you a couple of tricks I used in order rewear some old clothes I had in my closet.  By wearing old clothes with new accessories, you can save money and still look cute!  Also, everything comes back into fashion eventually so that's nice.

This is a skirt I bought in like 2006 or something?  It's really cute because it's thin faded navyish gray and light gray stripes, with off white lace at the bottom.  Very now.  But a below the knee skirt on me?  Not so much.  The wide band at the top is just wide enough to cover my boobs, but I have to wear a belt to cover the line/make it actually fit like a dress.  Not that I'm complaining, I wear belts like this all the time anyway.  I sewed on a couple straps that I tied in the back like a halter and VOILA!  

With vest to shape and hide seam instead of belt.  I bought this tan corduroy vest in like 2006 from walmart.  IT'S STILL GOOD! 

This is my favorite.  I bought this corduroy blazer in like 2005 or 2006?  Not sure.  Super glad I did, though.  The only things new in this entire outfit are the belt and shoes, totaling a NEW cost of only about $30.  Hurray!

Here is another skirt, which I purchased in 2007 from H&M.  It is also supposed to be worn at the hips, and hits around the knee.  On top I'm wearing a Banana Republic shirt I found at a thrift store for like $5.  Steal.  I'm also wearing a belt from Urban Outfitters I got on sale for around $10, and today I am wearing this outfit with Target tights and shoes, for a total NEW cost of around $35-$40.  GO ME.

With Urban Outfitters cardigan, about $12.  So many ways to wear it!!! =D

Anyone else like to rewear old stuff in new ways to save money?  I think these turned out pretty great.

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  1. need more posts like this.

    so awesome!!!!!

  2. YO I AM SO NOT THAT CREATIVE. I wear dresses as dresses and skirts as skirts. Lately I've been dressing kind of jank (ie today, jeans, a turtleneck and a hoodie; wtf is wrong with me??). I love that belt you're wearing with the first couple of outfits. If I didn't have to go serve coffee to people tomorrow I might class it up a little bit. Alas.

  3. these are great mix and match! too cute!

  4. you have such a great taste! I love it!!! also, it's crazy how a belt or any jacket/vest can totally change up an outfit... I love your blog.. I'm so following!!


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