Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Essie's Demure Vixen: Possibly my new favorite polish of all time.

Stephanie of Short n' Chic is amazing, if you didn't already know.  She sent me a mini bottle of Demure Vixen, Knockout Pout, and A huge bottle of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure!  What a nice lady!  Thanks girl!  She knew when she bought Demure Vixen that I would love it, and I knew I needed it when I saw her swatch.  I might have to buy the full bottle though, because this sucker takes three thick coats to look the way it should, and that tiny bottle cannot quench my Demure Vixen thirst that has been brought forth in me since I put it on my nails yesterday.  I LOVE IT.

Warning:  Lots of pictures.  I had a hard time capturing this polish.

Sometimes it looks like a taupey putty color, which is the base

But then sometimes it looks more lavender because of the pink and blue shimmer!

Sometimes there is a bright purple flash

Sometimes it's almost "mannequin hands"-esque.

Other times it looks cooler than my skintone

The shimmer/flash is what really makes this polish stand out as a neutral.

I'm in love.

I hope you guys enjoyed my walk-through of Demure Vixen!  Anyone have it and love it as much as I do?  Anyone dislike it?  I need 8 bottles.  OH LAWD!


Friday, June 25, 2010

NOTD~ Color Club's With Abandon

Hey!  Long time no post!  I just finished my finals two weeks ago, and I have been busy with work and Father's day and the like since then!  I have a couple of backlogged swatches to show you, though.  I wore this a few days ago, Color Club's With Abandon.  This is one of the polishes that got me into NP in the first place.  I didn't even realize when I first got it what a special color it is!  Rewearing it has really allowed me to appreciate how great it is.  Anyway, swatches!

Inside, with flash

Inside, no flash

Outside, direct sunlight

Outside, shade

Outside, shade

Outside, Natural light

Make this one bigger.  It's awesome.

This one too! (flash)

With Abandon is a black base that's kind of sheer, after two coats it was still a tad blotchy in the sun, that has brownish gold flakes and glitter in pink, purple, blue, and possibly other colors such as orange or gold.  It's crazy amazing.  No one would mistake this for a black creme, but people who don't appreciate nail polish would probably not find this all that awesome.  We, however, can appreciate its beauty!!  haha =)

I really want to see more colors like this.  What if the base was, well, any other kind of jelly?  How about purple, or teal, or gray?  CMON nail polish companies, get creative!  Really I just want more flaky polishes lol.

I've been realizing more and more what a shame it is that spring and summer colors tend to be cremes and neons while fall and winter tends to have more shimmer and sparkle.  Because I think neons look best in low lighting, and shimmers look best in direct sunlight.  Sigh.  I might just have to break some rules and wear all my fall polishes now =)

Time for me to go to work, but I'm sorry I've been such a slacker lately!  I'm gonna try to be better about my consistency!  Have a great day<3

Thursday, June 3, 2010

NOTD~ Essence's Break Through

Hey!  Long time no talk!  I've been super busy with school, work, and curling lately so I haven't been keeping up on taking photos of my nails.  I have a great polish for you today though, Essence's Break Through.  It's a super awesome red leaning purple (purpley magenta?) color that is great for this season.


Natural sunlight


These photos make it lean a tad purple.  The natural sunlight pictures is the most color accurate.  This was perfect in two coats.  Fantastic formula.  And it was only a DOLLA!  =D

Here's a couple pictures of me curling.  I was in a competition this past weekend in Hollywood.  It was SO much fun.  My team didn't go too far in the tournament, but we did really well considering our skill level compared to the other teams there. 

We were the rockstars.  =)  (for the record I'm second from the right)

My team and I on a tour at the disney studios (I'm wearing the white dress for people who don't know what I look like!)

These two (above and below) are pictures of me skipping, which is the person who does the actual strategy of the game

Have a fantastic day everyone!  It's my last day of school before the quarter is over.  Finals are next week!  Ahh!