Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Essie's Demure Vixen: Possibly my new favorite polish of all time.

Stephanie of Short n' Chic is amazing, if you didn't already know.  She sent me a mini bottle of Demure Vixen, Knockout Pout, and A huge bottle of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure!  What a nice lady!  Thanks girl!  She knew when she bought Demure Vixen that I would love it, and I knew I needed it when I saw her swatch.  I might have to buy the full bottle though, because this sucker takes three thick coats to look the way it should, and that tiny bottle cannot quench my Demure Vixen thirst that has been brought forth in me since I put it on my nails yesterday.  I LOVE IT.

Warning:  Lots of pictures.  I had a hard time capturing this polish.

Sometimes it looks like a taupey putty color, which is the base

But then sometimes it looks more lavender because of the pink and blue shimmer!

Sometimes there is a bright purple flash

Sometimes it's almost "mannequin hands"-esque.

Other times it looks cooler than my skintone

The shimmer/flash is what really makes this polish stand out as a neutral.

I'm in love.

I hope you guys enjoyed my walk-through of Demure Vixen!  Anyone have it and love it as much as I do?  Anyone dislike it?  I need 8 bottles.  OH LAWD!



  1. Oh man, now I want to wear this one again. You has great pictures, m'lady!

  2. Mmh... I'm waiting for this one to arrive. Seeing your pics, I think I wasn't wrong to order it. ;)

  3. I think it looks better on you than it did on me. When I wore it, I liked it sometimes (when I could see the shimmer, when it looked purple) and didn't other times (when it looked like my mannequin hands shade had gotten dirty).

  4. This is pretty, but so NOT a Scandalous color. I could not rock that =(

  5. Just found you and now following :D
    Check out my give-a-way

    I love demure vixen it is definitely one of my favorites and it looks lovely on you :)


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