Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NOTD~ Zoya's Demi with SH Hidden Treasure

Hey!  Long time no talk!  Today's post is actually from a while ago, but I was so excited to post Demure Vixen that I posted that one first!  I sent Zoya Demi to Stephanie from Short n' Chic, but before I did I selfishly swatched it one more time.  Sorry, Steph!!!   A couple days later I recieved Hidden Treasure by Sally Hansen from Stephanie because I won her Haiku contest! WOO.  I put it on my nails right away.  It is even more awesome than I could have imagined.  PICTURES

Zoya Demi


Oooo.  Sorry Demi is chipped underneath.  I was too excited/lazy to redo the base

One coat people!  So many flakes!

Rainbow =)

You need this polish.  Trust.


  1. Whoa. Love that. I'm gonna have to give that one a whirl. Demi is tucked safely in my Zoya Helmer drawer :)

  2. Where did you go?!
    I love this combo.


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