Monday, August 2, 2010

NOTD~ Essie's Knockout Pout

Hello interweb land!  How are my readers?  I would just like to remind you how much it means to me that you guys follow/read my blog!  It makes me all fuzzy inside =)

Today I have pictures of Essie's Knockout Pout, which was swapped to me by the lovely Steph from Short n Chic.  I was excited to have a classic neon pink on my fingers for summer, but good lord the application was a bitch.  Serious cuticle drag, and three coats later it still looked uneven.  Oh well, I'm the only person that notices these things of the people I interact with, but showing you guys the ugly photos makes me sad lol.

Of course this is super washed out.  It's making it look more peach and less neon than it actually is.  It is a very barbie neon straight pink.  Doesn't lean either orange or purple, I don't think.  I like the way it looks in low light, like it's glowing.  You can kinda see on my ring fingers how its a tad patchy at the top.  I wasn't even hurrying or anything.  The formula was just sticky.

Hope you guys have a great week!!!



  1. just add a little acetone and hopefully the formula will be ok, I love this color, I think it is just lovely!

  2. Pretty color, but it's too bad to hear about the application. I like the neon aspect of it, too!


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