Monday, November 29, 2010

My poor poor fingernail!

Hey friends!!!  Holy moly do I have a story for you!  I moved in early September and ALL of my nails broke, so I was waiting for them to grow back... well....

School started in September.  The very first day of school I was running a few minutes late (of course) and ran out to my parking lot to get on my bike.  I wanted some music, and my Ipod was in my car.  I walked my bike over to my car, unlocked it, balanced my bike on my leg, got my Ipod, and slammed the car door shut.  WITH MY LEFT INDEX FINGERNAIL IN THE DOOR.  I frantically screamed and tried to yank my finger out of the door.  I had to shuffle some stuff around, balance my bike, reach over and re-open the door to get my poor finger out.  It hurt like a bitch, but I rode to class anyway.  About 30 seconds into lecture I wanted to cry my finger was throbbing so bad.  I looked down at my nicely manicured finger and my cuticle was BLACK.  I left class and went to the doctor.  I had to get a hole burned through my nail to let the blood out from the blood blister I gave myself.

Now, I have heard from many, many people (including doctors) that this doesn't hurt at all.  However, my doctor must not have known what he was doing because IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST PAINFUL THINGS I'VE EVER FELT HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.  I think it was because it took 20 seconds instead of 3 seconds, and that he did it really really close to my cuticle, which made that burn, too.  Now I have a hole in my nail, and it is super wiggly and will fall off soon.  FML!  No nail blogging for me since then.  But my nails have grown back nicely other than that.... So maybe I'll start again =)

Stephanie from Short n Chic informed me today that I've been named a "Top Manicure & Pedicure Blog" by  How awesome!!!

I have no idea how I made it onto this list, but I am grateful and honored! Go check out shortnchic if you haven't (which you probably have) because she does some great stuff.

Thanks for everything! Hope to be showing off my nails again soon!


Tucker says hi!

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  1. O my! I hope your finger is feeling better soon because that really really hurt! How do you feel right now? Still in pain? Be carefull!


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