Saturday, January 29, 2011

Accidentally Made For Each Other~ Lips Part 1

Hey guys!  I've been noticing lately that I'll pick up a lipstick in the store, and then look for it's corresponding gloss in the same brand, and there isn't one.  How irritating!  I find this to be even more true with lip liners.  So I thought I'd show you some fantastic combinations I have found between brands that look like they are supposed to go together in order to take the guess work out of finding things that match!
Revlon's Nude Attitude (001) Matte Lipstick and NYC's Liquid Lipshine in Brighton Beach Peach (575)

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a big fan of the erased lips nude look, and this is a great choice for pale people like me to get that look:

Bubblegum Pink:
MAC's Viva Glam Gaga with Maybelline's Shine Sensational Lipgloss in Sweet Indulgence (30)

This is a great combination.  the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick can be worn is so many ways, since it's a lustre.  This means it's more sheer and lipgloss like than opaque on the first swipe, but it can be built up to a crazy barbiedoll pink color.  If you don't want that crazy color you don't need this gloss, but if you do other pink glosses won't cut it because most of them are peach-leaning, while this gloss is blue-leaning. Observe:

I love it!  Candy lips!  And I mean that quite literally, since the Sweet Indulgences lipgloss smells like frosting!  MM!

Jordana's Easy Liner for lips in Silver Lilac (weird name: no shimmer), Revlon's Lipstick in Berry Haute (660), and NYC's Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss in Wild Orchid (015-02).  I think the lipgloss might be limited edition?  Not sure on that one

I've been searching for the perfect purple lip for ages now.  I found the Revlon lipstick and didn't think twice about grabbing that sucker.  It was perfect!  After that I was searching for good lipgloss/lipliner combos.  I tried a lot of things, most of which failed.  I didn't want to dampen the crazy purpleness of the lipstick, and all my lipglosses seemed to do so since they're mostly all pink or berry.

Swatched on my arm:
None of the lipsticks have shimmer to them, they just look like they do in the top picture because of the flash.

Hope you enjoyed!  I have more combinations, which will be posted in a part two soon =) 
Have a great day!


  1. I like the post. I too am very fair. And it is sooo hard to find good lipstick, lipgloss combos. Now I know how I can use that nude attitude I picked up. Thanks! :D

  2. UUUH HEART THIS POST. And you, of course. I am so obsessed with lipstick. I love finding perfect drugstore lipsticks (Revlon mattes are awesome). Also, you pull off Gaga amazingly well. I look like a weird blow-up doll when I wear it so I steered clear of it. Maybe I'm too pale? I don't know. It suits you though. And that purple! Beautiful! More posts like this! More posts generally!

  3. Of course with your natural prettiness, you do not need much make-up.

    Your beautiful smile would light up anywhere ;)


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