Saturday, March 5, 2011

NOTD~ Sally Hansen's Gray Area(330) french tip!

Hey guys!  my nails are finally long enough to do something I love: colored french tips!!!

This is Sally Hansen's Gray Area and one coat of City Color's Fruit Punch (you in the face).  I'm a little disappointed I put the City Color on top, it made Gray Area look really purple.  Next time I'll probably stick with just clear on top.

I just painted some nail polish near my tips and then used a flat paint brush and acetone to make the shape after it had dried.

Have a great day!


Friday, March 4, 2011

NOTD~ Sinful Colors' Innocent. SPRING!

This color is definitely going to be a go to for me this spring.  It's so fun!  Kinda along the lines of OPI's Who The Shrek Are You?   But I don't have that to compare.


direct sunlight


lamp light

Not sure why I needed 4 pictures, they are all the same color, and accurate at that.  Whatever!!
The formula is a little thick, but I think some thinner will fix that right up.  This is two coats.

What do you guys think of this color?  As you probably know Sinful Colors are only $1.99 each.  They've got some really awesome colors.  Hat's off to them!

Just for fun, here's what I wore on my face recently:

This is the WnW trio in Silent Treatment, and viva glam gaga on my lips.  I found another fabulous lipgloss that matches this lipstick perfectly, possibly even better than the one I told you guys about in my Accidentally Made For Each Other post.  And it was on sale for like 89cents.  WIN.  I'm wearing a lot of other stuff besides the few products I listed, so if you're curious just ask =)

Happy Friday!!!<3

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

City Color~ Fruit Punch You In The Face

I bought another City Color polish because I thought it looked like the new OPI 'sorbets' (nice try OPI, but they're jellies.)  However high my hopes, the polish ended up being too sheer, not like the 3 coats to almost opacity of the new OPIs.  So here's three coats of what I am calling Fruit Punch (you in the face):


Lamp light

More lamp light

Sorry it was raining that day so no sun pics =(

I liked this color, except the VNL being so prominent.  There was no way I was doing 4 coats, and I don't think it would have helped anyway.  I might try to do a base coat of something neutral and do a few coats of this over the base and see if I like that better.  I don't know.

What do you guys think?  Worth 2 bucks?