Saturday, June 25, 2011

Comparison~ NYC's Lincoln Square Lavender and Park Ave to Essie and $OPI

Hello hello!

NYC's in a new york minute line is attempting to be hip and trendy.  Albeit the polishes are possible dupes for LAST year's trends, but hey, they're trying.

Here I have Lincoln Square Lavender and Essie's Splash of Grenadine:

One is on my index and ring, one is on my middle and pinky.  Which do you like better?
As you can probably tell, the middle and pinky polish is just sliiiightly more purple.  Also, the application on the middle/pinky polish was very thick...  Needs to be thinned.

.....drum roll.....

The middle/pinky polish is Essie's.  This could explain why it's so thick: it's a year old.
Although you can tell them apart via their thickness on the nail and the slight purple tinge of the Essie, I wouldn't say you need both.  Unless of course you own the Essie and want a backup, in which case save yourself 6 dollars and buy the NYC version =)
 (both were three coats)

Next up we have NYC's Park Ave vs. $OPI's Metro Chic.  Same thing as before, three coats of each, one is on my index and ring, one is on my middle and pinky.

What do you think?  Which is which?

The middle/pinky polish is a tad darker.  It also was more opaque in three coats than the index/ring.


The middle/pinky is the $OPI.  Did you guess correctly?

I would say again that Metro Chic is a tad thick (it's my friend's favorite color and she uses it every time she comes over).  It's been well loved in the year or so I've owned it.  I prefer the extra darkness and extra coverage you get from the $OPI.  Do I like it 8 dollars more? Dunno.  I do appreciate owning both for that reason.  So if you want a less nice but less expensive version of Metro Chic, Park Ave is for you.

I do appreciate that more inexpensive brands are attempting to come out with popular colors from the trends set by big companies like Essie and OPI.  However, have you seen Sinful Colors' recent collections?  They have a pirate themed one that has a lot of the same colors as OPI's Pirates collection, and a couple others I'm blanking on right now.  The point is, I thought it was a little shady of them to even knock off the name of the collection, and so soon.  Weird!

In other news, I graduated from my Undergraduate studies with a BS in Genetics a couple weeks ago!
My daddy and I!

Brad, me, my brother Gregory, and my Mom.

I'm wearing a BCBG dress if anyone is interested in who it's by!  It was one of the best weekends of my life, after lunch and dinner in Davis and Sac, my dad took me wine tasting in Napa for a few days.  Amazing!

Thanks for looking, have a great day!

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  1. wow!! that's a really close dupe of those 2 polishes... I already have Park Ave & Metro Chic, but now I gotta have the Lincoln Square & Splash of Grenadine!! thanks for sharing!! I love the colors on u...

    congrats on your grad... that is such a pretty dress!!


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