Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nfu Oh 51

This polish is so amazing.  I did one coat of the Milani Neon Purple (which is a jelly) and then two coats of Nfu 51 and it came out like this:

mmmm rainbow deliciousness.




holy shitballs this polish was worth every penny.
How do you like to wear your Nfu Oh's if you own any?  I personally like them all jelly-ish like this.  Although the flakies are more pronounced over something dark (like black) you get more depth like this, like glitter floating in grape jelly.  And besides, if I just wanted flakies I would use Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure.  Which also rocks, btw.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great job! I've seen this layered but from your pics, I think I like it on its own better. :)

  2. This one is sooo pretty! Thank you for showing.

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