Sunday, September 4, 2011

Manicure: Pro 10 Incognito and Orly Enchanted Forest

Hey Guys!
September is such a great month.  I guess nothing really that special happens during it, but it starts to feel like FALL.  Then after that is October (read: Halloween) then November (read: Thanksgiving) and then December (CHRISTMAS!!).  The leaves start changing and I get to start wearing tights with every outfit, haha.  To get in the mood, I did this manicure:

This is Pro 10's Incognito with Orly Enchanted Forest on my ring finger.  Two coats of each.
Orly's EF is truly an amazing polish and if you don't own it, then shame on you!  

I really like this Pro 10 color.  On the first coat it went on really wine-ey and delicious, and then on the second coat it turned more chocolate-ey.  Either way, it looks tasty.  In certain lights it still gave off that Merlot feel.

What do you guys think of fall?  Do you love the fashion and the color palette as much as I do?

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